To edit an instance, open your workspace and click on the edit icon in front of any instance to edit it.  

Confirm/change the Name and Zone information and click Next to select an instance profile, image, network interface, etc.


You can select the boot image for your VSI from the drop-down menu as shown below:

You can choose from the following four options:

  • New Images from VPC: Select a fresh boot image from the list provided.
  • Custom Image from VPC: Select from the custom images already stored in your VPC Gen 2.
  • Custom Image from Classic: Select from custom images stored in the Image Templates in your classic environment.
  • Image from Cloud Object Storage: Select from the images stored in your Cloud Object Storage. You can learn more about it here.


Note: To import a custom image to IBM Cloud VPC, you must have that image in your IBM Cloud Object Storage bucket.


Instance Profiles

Instance profiles in IBM Cloud VPC are different from the IBM Cloud Classic profiles. VPC+ matches your current instance profiles to the closest matching profiles available in VPC. You can change this default selection from the provided menu and select from the available Instance Profiles in VPC. Learn more about IBM Cloud VPC Instance Profiles here.

Note: Your pricing will change based on your Instance Profile selection.


Once you have selected the image, you can add new Data VolumesNetwork Interfaces, and SSH Keys for your instance.


Boot and Secondary Volumes

To select your primary and secondary boot volumes, click the icons right next to your instance.

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