You must add a cloud account for VPC+ to be able to discover your existing AWS Cloud environment. Adding a cloud account on VPC+ will let you: 

-Discover your existing environment

-Provision resources to your desired cloud

-Manage it with the ability to add, delete or edit sections of your VPC

To add a cloud account, follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to the sidebar and click on Cloud Accounts.

2. Under the AWS Cloud tab, click on Add Account to add your Cloud account.

3. Give this account a Name and enter the Access Key and Secret Key for your AWS Cloud account. This will be used to discover your AWS cloud environment.

4. Once you click on Add, your AWS cloud account will be added and all of its resources will be automatically discovered.

Note: You can view and manage all your added AWS cloud accounts from the list view as shown above.

Once you add your AWS Cloud account, you are ready to explore VPC+ and create/manage your AWS Cloud VPCs and their resources.