From the left sidebar navigate to Manage VPCs and select the AWS Cloud tab. Choose your desired Cloud Account and select the Region to view its resources.

Tabular View

All of the resources will be shown under their respective tabs. This will enable you to create and provision each resource individually.

Choose a resource you either want to create or manage. For instance, in order to create a new Subnet, select the Subnets tab and click on Create Subnets.

Give your subnet a desired Name, select a Zone, and enter the IPV4 CIDR Block. You can also add specific Tags to your subnet.

Click on Create. Your Subnet has now been added to your current AWS Cloud environment and provisioned.

Graphical View

In order to get an even better visualization of your entire AWS Cloud environment, switch the toggle from Tabular to Graphical view. This view provides you with a holistic picture of your complete AWS Cloud environment. 

Select the Cloud Account and Region of your desired VPC to view the detailed information of its resources. Once you select a VPC, all of its resources will appear in the menu on the right side.

As you proceed to make changes to any component in your VPC, it will be reflected in the graphical view. This visualization gives you the bird’s eye view of your VPC and makes it easier to manage and add subnets, instances, load balancers, etc. You can add, delete or edit any section of your VPC.