You can add new Load Balancers or edit an existing one in your VPC by following these steps:


Go to the Load Balancers tab, select Cloud Account and Region and click on Create Load Balancers.

Give your Load Balancer a Name and select your desired VPC along with the Availability Zones. In order to attach listeners to the load balancer, click on Add New Listener

Select a Protocol and enter a valid Port. Next, set up a Default Action for your listener. In order to do so, click on Add New Default Action.

Select a Type and set Target Group Stickiness Configuration as enabled or disabled. In case the Target Group Stickiness Configuration is enabled, set its Time Duration in seconds. Next, create a Default Action Target Group.

Click on Add New Target Group, select an existing Target Group and set a Weight for it. Now click on Create to add your Listener. Next, set a unique Tag for your Load Balancer and click on Create.