Start by navigating to DB & Content Migrations from the side menu and select the Migrations tab. 

Once you click Get Started you’ll be redirected to the Prerequisites screen.

Complete the prerequisites of your Content & Directories Migration process by following these steps: 

  1. Select Content & Directories in Migration Type from the list


  1. Select the preferred option to set up migrator on your source and target environment:

  • Binary Installation

  • Pull from Dockerhub

  1. Once the binary is downloaded, you need to deploy the migrator on:

  • Source machine where you want to migrate your file/folder(s) from.

  • Target machine where you want the content to be migrated.

  1. To execute the binary, you'll need to provide:

  • User ID

  • Name: Unique name to distinguish the migrator.

        USER_ID=9876 NAME=on-prem-content-migrator /root/bin/content-migrator

Note: For convenience, we recommend prefixing the migrator's name with src_ or trg_ tag.


Click Next to add Source and Destination